McGraw Hill Construction report

McGraw Hill construction have released another industry report about the trends and financing of construction projects. The 2009 report was an influential part of my university dissertation, with a wealth of knowledge and case studies about how BIM was effecting the construction industry.  

The new report entitled prefabrication and modularization is also an interesting read, showing the increase in green and prefab builds since the introduction / progression of BIM. The effects that BIM has had on the construction industry are clear to see wherever you investigate, but the McGraw Hill Construction report shows clearly and graphically the most recent trends in the industry with all information gathered from professionals in the AEC industry.

“BIM use continues to rise, and BIM is a driver to increased use of prefabrication / modularization”

The increased use of BIM also contributes to the potential for increased use of prefabrication and modularization.  In a recent study about use of BIM on green projects, MHC found that the model-driven prefabrication one more than one quater of their projects is expected to increase from 37% to 73% among practicitioners who use BIM for green work. BIM helps enable prefabrication of tightly intergrated MEP systems, allowing designers to minimize the amount of space needed for installations allowing more space for what is important to the function of the building. 

Please click the picture / link to the right to view the full .pdf report (Warning: Contains BIM Models). The report can also be found on the link below, or by visiting the McGraw Hill Construction website. I would recommend both reports (BIM report can be found on this website under Projects > Understanding BIM) as they contain some interesting and encouraging statistics for the BIM lovers out there. 

Storm and Vasari intro tutorials coming over the weekend! Sorry for the delay there. Hope you’ve all had a great week and enjoy your weekends. 


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