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AEC (UK) BIM Protocols v2 released

An update to the AEC (UK) BIM Standards document was released last week for public viewing through AEC (UK). The BIM Standards, now named BIM Protocols are an updated version of the standards released in 2009.

As well as the main protocols, AEC (UK) have relased a number of other relevant articles, including a BIM execution plan and BIM protocols for Revit and Bentley respectively.  

The documents are all free to download from the official AEC (UK) website. The Protocols have been formed through the experience and knowledge of many of the key players in the UK BIM industry and set out some solid guidelines and standards to try and implement in your work / practice.

To download and view the latest documents, visit the AEC (UK) website here.  Thanks to all involved for the hard work. 


BIM Execution plan – The Beck Group

Aaron Maller kindly shared Beck Groups BIM Execution plan via Twitter yesterday. It is certainly an interesting read and an eye opener for me to the amount of information and planning that goes into their models. Something to work towards, I should think.

Click on the link below to view the execution plan, or visit Aaron Maller’s blog here to find the original source

uploaded imageFor more information or discussion visit Aaron Maller’s Twtitter page here. You may also wish to follow The Beck Group here.