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Campus powered by BIM.Technologies

Campus, a new initiative from BIM.Technologies is a FREE 12 week BIM training course based in Newcastle, UK for 19-24 year olds.


  • Have you recently finished your university degree or not in education, employment or training?
  • Interested in developing your skills in the architecture, engineering and construction industry?
  • Wanting to increase your employment prospects?

If you answer yes to all or any of the above, then BIM.Technologies Campus may be just what you are looking for. A Free 12 week training course where you will learn new software and workflows to help you progress your career.

Lead trainer Peter Morton, a BIM expert with vast experience teaching and training will guide you through an intense 12 week course in our new purpose made BIM training suite located in Newcastle, UK.

If you are interested, get in touch with info@bimcampus.co.uk – The first course starts on 5th August until the 25th October. Sign up early to avoid disappointment. This is a fantastic and unique opportunity for anyone who fulfills the requirements of the course.

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Autodesk Students: CADlearning courses

So I was recently logged in to the Autodesk student community. I found a link to some different support and tutorial files which were provided by Autodesk. Along with this was an advertisement for a 7 month free trial with CADLearning. I decided to look into the tutorials and service that CADLearning provided. After a short while I realised that the courses were very in depth, with a lot of different tutorials, covering a wide range of “topics” in Revit Architecture. Ranging from the very basics, project set up, walls, curtain walls etc. To the more complicated and useful: scheduling, phasing, worksets and collaboration. Each one of these “chapters” or “topics” comes with a series of tutorials explaining the different aspects of each topic. 


After watching and taking note of the tutorial videos, you are offered to take a self assessment test which is a series of multiple choice questions which you have to answer relating to that specific topic. In total there are 30 topics and each one comes with a multiple choice test. There is also a skills assessment test which involves working on a .RVT file and answering questions related to that. You are then able to see your score and evaluate the questions that you got wrong, in that hope that next time you won’t make the same mistakes! 

I feel although a lot of the topics are fairly simple, there is a lot of information which you might not specifically have known or realised before. If you have the oppurtunity, I would definitely recommend heading over to the Autodesk student community site and seeing if you are eligible to take the assessment tests from CADLearning. I feel this is another fun and slightly more interactive way of learning to use software for example Revit rather than reading from a book or watching hours of tutorials. CADLearning also offer tutorials from many other Autodesk software packages, so make sure to check out the information on their site. Give it a try today, I guarantee you’ll learn something new!