Continued.. “No suitable geometry found” when exporting from Revit to NWC

If you are getting the “No suitable geometry found…” error message when trying to export to NWC, there may be a number of causes.

No Suitable Geometry Found ErrorLuke Johnson has posted a blog with a number of different workarounds which you can find here:

There are also various forum posts and an Autodesk solution page, where you can find more potential causes.

In my case, none of these workarounds were applicable to the issue.

A small bit of background info on my case:

  • Revit model recently upgraded from Revit 2013 to Revit 2014
  • Had exported to NWC without an issue before upgrading
  • In-place families were used for some Façade elements

When I turned off ALL categories via the Visibility/Graphics (VG) menu, I noticed there were still a number of elements which were visible. This shouldn’t be the case, as all elements in Revit are categorised under the categories listed in the VG menu, so therefore when you turn off all categories, you’d expect to see an empty screen.

I then deleted these elements, turned all the categories back on and tried to re-export to NWC – finally, successfully.

When I mentioned this to the consultant I was working with, he looked into it further and noticed that the ‘Profile’ category, which was a selectable option in Revit 2013 when creating an In-Place family, had been removed in Revit 2014.

During the upgrade procedure, Revit had changed these ‘Profile’ category elements (which no longer exist in Revit 2014) into a category called ‘Other’, which is not a ‘properly defined’ category inside of Revit. Therefore, these ‘uncategorised’ elements were causing the NWC export to fail.

The consultant was then able to re-model these elements under the ‘Wall’ category, and all was well again!


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