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Advanced Revit family modeling from Paul Aubin

Paul Aubin has recently released a video showing his progress with his Corinthian columns that he is trying to model as a fully parametric Revit family. The video to the right shows the process of him modeling the decorative leaves on the column, and the methods he has used modeling to achieve such an abstract form.

There are some great tips in this video for designing other abstract shapes in the Revit family environment. It’s slightly unfortunate that Revit does not have a better way to deal with massing abstract forms such as these. It is clear that Paul has put in a LOT of time to achieve the results that you see at the start of the video. The biggest challenge for him must have been making the seperate elements parametric.

View the first part of Paul’s blog posts here: ‘Revit does the Classics’ – I’d be very interested to see the progress and final results that he manages to achieve, be sure to check back on his blog for any updates. A big thanks to Paul Aubin for sharing his method with the rest of us.


Quick Revit tip – ALT key displays additional ‘key tips’

I have just noticed after over 5 years working with Revit that if you press the ‘ALT’ key on your keyboard, you will see a new list of ‘key tips’ above certain tools in your Revit ribbon as seen below. The list will change depending on what tab you’re in – meaning there is a shortcut for almost every tool! Not sure how that one has slipped past me for so long!

uploaded image

This is a nice feature which you can use on top of your default key bindings to improve speed and productivity – Will take a while to get used to now seeing as I’ve only just discovered it!┬áDo you have any other keyboard shortcuts or tips? Let me know.