Revit Category Guide

Luke Johnson from the WhatRevitWants blog has put together a Google spreadsheet which is a crowdsourced and open source project which plans to cover a variety of different aspects of Revit categories.

This is a fantastic idea and will hopefully be populated shortly with information which will be valuable to Revit users of all levels. Lets face it, no one person knows EVERYTHING there is to know about Revit, so initiatives like this are a fantastic way to make this sort of information available to everyone for free.

If you would be interested in contributing, get in touch with Luke who may add you as a contributor. Anyone is free to view and share this document with friends and colleagues.

Revit Catergory Guide

Having repeatedly asked and searched for a detailed, up-to-date and accurate Category Guide for Revit to no avail, I have decided to start one as a simple shared Google spreadsheet.

The purpose of this is to capture all of the unique properties of each Category, so they can be quickly viewed and understood by Revit users at all levels.

Many thanks to Luke for his open sharing of all things Revit and BIM. I look forward to seeing how this spreadsheet progresses – This may be the first of many crowdsourced Revit information projects. Keep your eyes on the Revit blogosphere for more updates and new initiatives.

To view the spreadsheet either click on the image above or follow the link here:

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