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PAS 1192-2 in Consultation until 31st August

PAS 1192-2 and BS1192:2007 are 2 key documents in the UK’s Level 2 BIM Framework. They are currently both undergoing an update and are under consultation. This means that you get a chance to help shape the future of the industry with your suggestions. Remember, there’s no point complaining about how things work if you haven’t attempted to make them better yourself!

Two key documents at the heart of BIM Level 2, PAS 1192-2 and BS1192:2007, are being revised by BSI with the proposals available for comment until the end of August.

The PAS 1192-2 Specification for information management for the capital/delivery phase of construction projects using building information modelling is available here – and the BS1192:2007 Collaborative production of architectural, engineering and construction information – Code of practices available here.

PAS 1192-2 was originally released in 2013, while BS1192 was last updated in 2008. Both documents are being revised to update out-of-date wording and reduce conflicts between the two standards.

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Information delivery – AIM maintenance


PAS1192-3 Draft released for public consultation

PAS1192-3 Has been released for public consultation today, sponsored by CIC and available to download on the BSI website here

This PAS specifies requirements for achieving BIM Level 2 in relation to the operation and maintenance of assets (buildings and infrastructure).

It covers the data transfer processes to inherit asset information from the project information model (PIM) or to create an asset information model (AIM) for an existing asset or portfolio of assets, to use it to support organizational requirements, to revise it as the asset changes, and to hold it as a resource for the owners, operators and maintainers of the asset.

This PAS does not cover data content but does cross-refer to broad headings and documents which define data content.

This PAS is for use by organizations and individuals responsible for the operation, maintenance and strategic management of assets. In particular, it is of use to individuals involved in transferring data from the PIM to an AIM utilised by the organization.

NOTE An organization may apply this PAS without necessarily needing to use BIM Level 2. However, an organization required to apply BIM Level 2 to the operational phase of an asset would need to apply this PAS.


PAS 1192:2, Uniclass2 and CIC BIM Protocol released

Yesterday on the 28th February saw the release of some key documents including the  government issued Specification for information management for the capital/delivery phase of construction projects using building information modelling (PAS 1192:2).

The purpose of the PAS is to support the objective to achieve BIM maturity Level  2 by specifying requirements for this level, setting set out the framework for collaborative working on BIM enabled projects and providing specific guidance for the information management requirements associated with projects delivered using BIM.

The CIC also released ‘The BIM Protocol’, a Best Practice Guide for Professional Indemnity Insurance when using BIM and an Outline Scope of Service for the Role of Information Management which can be downloaded from The CIC website here.

On top of this, the Uniclass classification tables have been updated and released provided through the CPI – the Construction Project Information Committee as Uniclass 2 which can be found on the BIM Task Group website here.

The Uniclass2 Beta search tool is a development from the BIM Gateway, a collaborative project between theRIBA Technical Research Department and the University of the Arts London. The project is co-funded by the government-backed Technology Strategy Board “Metadata Production Tools (Fast Track)” funding stream.

Revit worksharing / division protocols

I have been looking through the AEC(UK) BIM protocols over the weekend – especially at the Revit protocol. The protocols outline some good practices and rules for working in your Revit project. You should download the AEC(UK) BIM Protocols HERE if you haven’t already done so. 

Below is an extract from the documents about division or worksharing in Revit. It outlines how you should work with a central file and how to set out your worksets etc (as general rules.) I found it a useful read, so wanted to share it with anyone who hasn’t had time to look through the full AEC (UK) protocols as of yet. 

uploaded image

Again, I’d like to say thanks to the AEC (UK) committee for taking the time to make these documents – Visit their website here and download the BIM Protocols v2 today!

AEC (UK) BIM Protocols v2 released

An update to the AEC (UK) BIM Standards document was released last week for public viewing through AEC (UK). The BIM Standards, now named BIM Protocols are an updated version of the standards released in 2009.

As well as the main protocols, AEC (UK) have relased a number of other relevant articles, including a BIM execution plan and BIM protocols for Revit and Bentley respectively.  

The documents are all free to download from the official AEC (UK) website. The Protocols have been formed through the experience and knowledge of many of the key players in the UK BIM industry and set out some solid guidelines and standards to try and implement in your work / practice.

To download and view the latest documents, visit the AEC (UK) website here.  Thanks to all involved for the hard work.