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Copy / Monitor in Revit – Example

Here is a short video briefly demonstrating how the Copy / Monitor function works in Revit 2014. It is a very useful tool to use for multi disciplined projects where worksharing is enabled.

Copy / Monitor allows users to link in other Revit models into their project, and monitor them for any changes which are made to the model, ensuring the latest changes are reflected in their own project.

In this example, I have monitored the grid lines, and for demo purposes, moved a grid line to show how this effects the model that the file is linked in to.


Copy / Monitor in Revit – Best practices

There is often confusion around the Copy/Monitor command in Revit. There are many useful, time saving actions that this tool can perform, but there are also other actions which can complicate your project if you are not aware of the best practices for using the Copy/Monitor command.

Autodesk Wikihelp have released an article outlining the best practices for Copy/Monitor – I was planning to make my own list but after doing a bit of research and coming accross this image I decided to just post this here for anyone who is interested.


uploaded image

Please visit the Autodesk Wikihelp site here for more useful and informative articles on various commands in Revit. You may also follow @RevitWikihelp on Twitter for daily tips and information relating to making your Revit user experience a smoother one.