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PAS 1192-2 in Consultation until 31st August

PAS 1192-2 and BS1192:2007 are 2 key documents in the UK’s Level 2 BIM Framework. They are currently both undergoing an update and are under consultation. This means that you get a chance to help shape the future of the industry with your suggestions. Remember, there’s no point complaining about how things work if you haven’t attempted to make them better yourself!

Two key documents at the heart of BIM Level 2, PAS 1192-2 and BS1192:2007, are being revised by BSI with the proposals available for comment until the end of August.

The PAS 1192-2 Specification for information management for the capital/delivery phase of construction projects using building information modelling is available here – and the BS1192:2007 Collaborative production of architectural, engineering and construction information – Code of practices available here.

PAS 1192-2 was originally released in 2013, while BS1192 was last updated in 2008. Both documents are being revised to update out-of-date wording and reduce conflicts between the two standards.

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BIM Dictionary and Acronyms

It is a job in itself trying to stay on top of all the acronyms and terms used in the BIM world. With new standards and classifications released regularly, the number of terms continues to grow.

Rob Jackson from Bond Bryan Architects has put together two documents which cover all of the known acronyms and terms which you may (or may not) have heard being used:

BIM Dictionary

BIM Acronyms








As these documents are updated regularly, it will be worth adding http://bimblog.bondbryan.com/document/ to your bookmarks to ensure you are viewing the latest revision.

Bond Bryan’s BIM blog is also well worth checking out – There are a number of excellent articles already posted and is updated regularly. Click here to view the blog.

BIM Documents

If you are following me on Twitter, or a close follower of this blog – You will have noticed a new link appear in the top menu of BIMopedia. ‘Documents‘ is a public portal area where I will be uploading and storing various BIM Documents from around the web. 

All of these documents are also available online from their original source. The point of me doing this, is to provide an area where all of these documents will be stored in one place, making it easier to find what you are looking for. Full credit is given to the original author where possible. 

It seems to be an idea which is supported by a lot of the #globalbimcrew on Twitter who have helped to fill in some of the gaps. Similar to the BIM Diary, I am doing this as a way to share with the BIM community, and in short, make life easier for the rest of you searching for valuable information on BIM.

I feel this could also be a good resource for anyone looking to get into BIM, there are documents there to interest users of all experience levels. It is important that we include anyone who is interested in our BIM journey. There is no point complaining about people refusing to implement BIM if we are not helping them to make it an easier transaction! The elitist attitude seems to be fading, which is of course a very positive thing for the community.

If you have any documents which you would like added to the list, simply contact me through the blog or write to me on Twitter @BenPMalone