Revit Online – in your browser!

Note: Revit 2015 software will be available soon. But you can try Revit 2014 now.

Revit 2014 is now available online and can be accessed directly in your browser as a 30 day free trial. This is a real game changer for software use in the cloud. This will enable users of older and low end machines to get the same quality and speed out of Revit as those with a high spec machine. More importantly this will eventually open up a whole new level of live collaboration on projects. Watch this space!

This online trial for Autodesk® Revit® 2014 and Autodesk® Revit LT™ 2014 software is an instance of Revit and Revit LT hosted in the Autodesk cloud. The online trial, in combination with Autodesk 360, enables you to experience and evaluate Revit and Revit LT without large downloads or sophisticated computer hardware. Note that the online trial is running on a remote server. Keyboard and mouse input are streamed to the remote server and graphics are streamed back to your machine. The online trials are compatible with Windows® XP SP3, Vista, 7, and 8 on both 32- and 64-bit.

Revit trial only: Worksharing is currently not supported in the online trial for Revit 2014. Attempting to use worksharing or opening projects where worksharing has been enabled in this environment could result in file corruption.

There is also a 30 day desktop trial available on the Autodesk website so you will now have a chance to test out some of the new features I posted last week in the “Videos: What’s New in Revit 2015” post.* Edit – The online trial is Revit 2014 only – This will be updated shortly.

For more information, view the official Autodesk release regarding the online trial here

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4 responses to “Revit Online – in your browser!”

  1. Phil says :

    I got excited after reading this post so I downloaded and tested this out. Ran an average size model (approx. 180MB total, 90MB MEP, 72MB Arch, 16MB Structure). Tried opening a sheet view set to hidden line and then pan/zoom. Crashed. Re-opened and it seemed to work without crashing but it was much much slower than running Revit on our network. Unworkably slow. Then I tried editing some duct work and that was very slow too. The internet speed at my company is not lagging either. This is a great concept hopefully it gets better in the near future!

    • Ben Malone says :

      Hey Phil,

      I must admit I didn’t have the chance to test this out before I posted the blog. That’s a shame to hear about the issues you had – I guess it’s still early and hopefully things will improve quickly.

      I love the concept though and I think Autodesk want to push their products to the cloud, so I’m sure this is likely to get a lot better (let’s hope so at least!)

      Going to give it a try later and will report back if I have a dissimilar experience!


      • Phil says :

        Yeah let me know what your experience is….I couldn’t find much on a google search about actual Revit in the cloud. Rendering seems to work great!

      • Ben Malone says :

        Hi Phil,

        Just had a chance to quickly test this out. Unfortunately I am experiencing exactly the same as you described. Very laggy and slow while navigating the model, and this was using the standard sample model!

        When I tried to upload my own Revit model I got an error and was unable to read it (no idea why). I’m guessing it’s a work in progress and hopefully we’ll see some vast improvements over the coming year.


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