View settings from Revit into Navisworks

There are various ‘view settings’ which are transferred through from Revit into Navisworks that you may not be aware of:

  • View control bar – Detail level
    When exporting your Revit model to Navisworks, pay attention to the detail level which is set. If your model is on ‘Course’ detail, elements such as pipes will show up as lines rather than 3D pipes as you would see in Revit.
  • Hidden objects / elements
    Items which are hidden but not applied to the view will still be visible in Navisworks. However, if you apply your hide / isolate elements to the view, Navisworks will remember these settings and omit any elements hidden and applied.
  • Visibility Graphics Overrides
    Items which are turned off in Visibility/Graphic Overrides will be applied in your Navis view. For example, if you have your Ducts category turned off in your Revit project via ‘VG’ these will also be turned off in Navisworks when exporting to an .NWC
  • Worksets
    Worksets which are hidden or turned off in your Revit model will not be brought through into your Navisworks project. Ensure that all applicable worksets are turned on before exporting to .NWC
  • Model lines in Revit
    Model lines will not be shown in your 3D Navisworks file when brought through from your Revit project. One way to combat this would be to export your Revit file as an .IFC and then bring that file into Navisworks. .IFC brings through model lines but not detail lines through the { IfcAnnotation } Parameter.
  • Section box
    If you have a section box on your model when you export to .nwc only items within the section box will be exported. All other geometry outside of this sectioned view will be hidden in Navisworks as it will be in Revit.

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