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My boss, and CEO of Spacegroup, Rob Charlton has shared some fantastic and thought provoking articles within the team, which I thought I’d share on here with my readers.

The first is a report produced by Government setting out the future trends of the sector. This is certainly relevant to all of us, using digital technologies and processes to try and transform the construction sector to be a truly collaborative, sustainable and cost efficient market.

Construction has a £90 billion market in the UK and covers around 10% of all UK employment. Yet still, is one of the least efficient sectors in the UK and worldwide, with huge amounts of material waste and fundamental issues. This report discusses the current state of the sector, supported by statistics, as well as discussing future strategies and opportunities for growth in the UK construction market.

In September 2012, BIS Secretary of State Vince Cable announced a review of key strategic sectors to the UK’s growth and competitiveness. Construction is one of them. Historically, the UK construction sector has been a vital sector for the UK economy and a key driver of growth. In spite of the challenges the sector has recently faced, construction continues to be one of the largest UK sectors and a key source of the UK’s value added and employment.

The global construction market is, however, facing major transformation as businesses continue to respond to the challenges of the economic crisis since 2008, begin to shift to green and sustainable construction, and seek to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the digital economy. The competitiveness and readiness of the UK construction sector will be crucial if the UK is to take advantage of these opportunities. 

View the BIS, UK Construction: An economic analysis of the sector report here.

The second is a RIBA published article which reflects on the annual Collander survey. Discussing, more specifically the role of the Architect in construction, and how companies are recovering from the recession. It includes some interesting and in some cases, slightly worrying statistics. Read the “Success begins at home” article here.

If you are in the mood to read reports, Construction 2025 is also an excellent document which is a joint industry and government publication and sets out a number of targets to be achieved in the next 10 or so years.

Finally Rob shared one of his favourite talks, Steve Jobs shares 3 personal stories to commencement graduates from Stamford University in 2005 – In it he talks about getting fired from Apple in 1985 and life & death. Each story is one of mistakes, decisions, growth and success. The moral of the stories is, to do what you love, work hard and make a difference

Can the construction sector learn from its mistakes of the past and turn this into positive growth? 


You can read more of Rob’s thoughts and find out what he’s sharing on his _space blog.


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