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Guest post by Antonietta D’Urzo – ACCA Software

ACCA software’s new and innovative “Free UPP” software distribution system (Free Use Pay Print), allows you to download, use, learn, update and get technical support all for free.
This is the exact opposite to what is currently available in the professional software industry where licensing costs, maintenance subscription fees and training costs are extremely expensive and the software very complex and difficult to use.

Free UPP chances all of this not only by meaning convenient software but also meaning highly professional and easy to use software!

The Free UPP philosophy truly revolutionizes the architectural, engineering and building industry software solutions sector bringing you professional software in a more convenient and easier manner. You can download the full version completely FREE and without having to go through any account registration procedures allowing you to install the solutions on as many computers as you like. So you can use the software, get regular updates and technical support all for FREE and also take advantage of an extensive on-line Video Tutorial service to quickly learn all the tricks and go through hundreds of practical cases.

Furthermore each software has a dedicated forum and an e-mail technical support address where you can interact directly with technicians that will solve all of your issues by means of video explanations specifically created for your needs.


Another important advantage of Free UPP is the possibility to collaborate with anyone using the same software for FREE. The sharing of projects and professional collaborations are possible with everyone: all data is saved in a single file that anyone can open and work with for FREE thanks to Free UPP.

You pay only if you print or export your documents and working drawings spending just 10 Euro cents for each page in the A4 format. You are free to duplicate purchased prints as many times as you want and the first 500 A4 page prints are completely FREE.

The cost for printing an Architectural project or a Bill of Quantities is very cost convenient. For example, to print a bill of Quantities document composed of 20 A4 standard pages only costs € 2. The cost of each print is calculated in relation to the A4 sheet format. Unit price = 10 cents. Other print format costs, such as A1, A0, A3, etc., are based on the A4 format equivalent and formats that are not perfect multiples of the A4 format will be approximated.

The Free UPP solutions that ACCA currently has available for free download are: PriMus for bill of quantities and estimates, PriMus for Ipad for mobile BoQ’s and estimates, Edificius for architecture BIM design and 3D object CAD and very soon PriMus-TO for quantity Take off.


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One response to “ACCA Software – An innovative approach to software licensing”

  1. Antonietta D'Urzo says :

    ACCA 2016 press communication: new product distribution system

    The Edificius Architectural BIM design software, the PriMus cost estimating and BoQ software, together with EdiLus, the structural engineering and calculation software, have been downloaded and used by hundreds of thousands of professionals using the Free UPP distribution system.
    During these years’, customers have asked us for increasingly performing and convenient software, but with a well-defined cost.
    By answering these needs, ACCA has come up with new solutions for 2016.
    As from June 2016, we’ll be launching the new Edificius, the first 3D Architectural BIM Design software integrated with real-time rendering and the new ACCA softwaresales distribution system allowing users to purchase any software with a time-period based subscription license (pay as you go).
    – Edificius has evolved to become an even more complete and highly performing design system. A single BIM software solution for architectural design that seamlessly integrates with: BIM for landscape design (Edificius-LAND), aDWG/DXF CAD application (Edificius-CAD), a catalogue of furniture and lighting objects for interior design, the 5D BIM for integrated cost estimating and the powerful real time rendering engine for high quality real time architectural visualisation (Edificius RTBIM).

    – The new subscription method provides the customer with a clear well-defined spending plan for software use while retaining the convenience of the previous distribution system (FreeUPP) thanks to convenient subscription coststhat allow users to save money when compared to other competing market solutions.

    For further details regarding subscription options and downloading the new software solutions, please visit our website at:
    Thank you in advance for the attention given to these latest developments. You may find this info useful to update news and publications made previously.

    Yours sincerely
    CEO ACCA Software S.p.A.
    Guido Cianciulli

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