Why can’t I check Revit file version before opening?

If you find yourself asking the above question, you are most definitely not alone. It would make most sense to either be given a warning when trying to open (for example) a Revit 2012 file in Revit 2014, rather than going through the sometimes lengthy process of a file upgrade which you didn’t even require!

The other logical option would be that, if you click on a Revit 2012 file (and have Revit Arch 2012 installed) it would open in the correct version of the software, rather than always trying to launch in the most updated version of Revit (2014). If Revit 2012 wasn’t installed, it would give you an option to upgrade the file to a format which you could use.

Fortunately, our friend Harry over at BoostYourBIM has yet again come up with the goods, and like most of his work – He shares it with the community at absolutely no cost!

When you open a Revit file that was last saved in a previous version, would you love it if Revit asked “Do you want to upgrade?” And would you want a “No” button?

If so, the free File Version Reporter from Boost Your BIM is for you!

  1. Check the ‘last saved version’ for a single file
  2. Check the ‘last saved version’ for all files in a folder
  3. Get a notification dialog when starting to upgrade a file from a previous version with a “No” button

Download the free tool at http://gdurl.com/Mnfv/download

You may have seen in the past that Harry has created a file version check tool for Revit projects, he has now put this on steroids and come up with “File Version Check – now with the ability to search all subfolders“. This means you can set a directory (project server?) and it will report back with file versions for every one of your Revit models on the server, very useful!

Although this is a free tool, you may wish to submit a small (or large, your choice!) donation, to say thanks for the hard work.

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