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KnowledgeSmart BIM Show Live TopGun results!

Below is an insert from the KnowledgeSmart blog following on from the ‘Top Gun’ competition held at BIM Show Live 2013:

After a slightly tentative start, we soon had a steady stream of willing BIMMER’s, all competing to be crowned the UK King (or Queen) of BIM!  As well as competing for bragging rights and the title of BSL 2013 BIM TopGun, the winner was also to be presented with a coveted BIMMY award, by the Conference Committee.  So, frankly, the stakes could not have been higher.  To add fuel to the fire, many prominent members of the world-renowned #UKBIMCrew were also in attendance, each one determined to crush his or her competitors into the dirt! (Don’t let the slightly enigmatic smiles fool you, this was BIM WAR!).

TopGun competitors

Over the course of the two days, we posted 74 scores, ranging from 25% to 83%.  Here is a breakdown of the results:

Overall average score & time = 53% in 11mins 56 secs.

Average score & time for the boys = 53% in 11 mins 53 secs.

Average score & time for the girls = 53% in 12 mins 34 secs.


Here is a breakdown of the Top 10 Leader-Board, after the final results were tallied:

TopGun leaderboard

The Top 10 scores ranged from 83% to 71%.

According to Adam Ward @Revitspace the top 4 (Everyone above him) cheated! I think he is just sour though ;) Look forward to taking part in KS Top Gun at BSL 2014.

Original article from the KnowledgeSmart Blog can be found here: