Virtual Project Delivery system

I found a very interesting article this morning which was posted last month on the Californian Construction website. It describes how KH&S contractors teamed up with a software manufacturer Scenario to create a customised VPD system which could be used for all of their BIM projects. There seem to be a lot of companies investing in BIM management software, to make the work flow of projects run smoother and become more user friendly. Below is a snippet from the article

ImageFor Anaheim-based desin-assist specialty contractor KHS&S, achieving the benefits of integrated project delivery requires technology to give design and construction teams access to project data integrated across the software used by members of the team in real time, all the time.

KHS&S’s answer is Scenario VPD, a virtual project delivery collaboration software and system. KHS&S partnered with Scenario, a software developer, in 2008 to develop a virtual project delivery system. It set the project up as a separate entity within the company a year ago. The resulting tool is a Web-based project data management system with plug-ins to integrate data from three Autodesk products (AutoCAD 3D, Revit and Navisworks) into a single building information modeling dataset accessible on the Web. The goal is to reduce clashes and errors early, while projects are still at the virtual stage.

KHS&S’s product links the data via a tab-accessible interface from each of the three Autodesk products. The interface lets design-build team members access live project documents and data, manage three-dimensional models at the object level, identify clashes, assign and track changes, maintain the progress record and track the complete history of projects throughout their life cycles.

“Incorrect design costs owners a huge amount of money—and a lot more money the further along it is discovered,” says Paolo Hilario, Scenario’s director of product development. “We saw that being able to discover problems early, effectively communicating them to others and addressing them quickly can save millions of dollars on a project.”

Read the full article here


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