Thou shalt obey: The BIMandments

Over the last week or so, there has been a new trend sweeping through the BIM community on twitter. The idea; sharing your opinions on the most important rules to follow when working with BIM. The #BIMandments as they were so named by @AYBABTM from @case_inc has seen over 50 BIM crazy users tweeting their advice for others, with well over 500 tweets in total.

From this list I have found some useful tips that I didn’t know about, and others that I can now laugh at after making those very mistake myself once. Because of the amount of useful information and tips that I have seen, I have decided to compile my list of my top ten. There are plenty of other great ideas, so navigate to the bottom of this post and view the website for some more inspiration. 

I. Don Rudder @AYBABTM

Never import and explode an AutoCAD drawing in your master central model… always clean it up in a separate model first #BIMandments #noCad 

II. Jay B Zallan @JayZallan

Always Link, do not Import #BIMandments 

III. Munkholm @RevitForum

Use Tags and Keynotes, NOT the Text tool :O) #BIMandments 

IV. David Fano @davidfano

When making component families, dimension to Ref planes for parameters not geometry #BIMandments 

V. Gabe Cottam @gabecottam

Thou shalt not override dimensions. Even if #TheCadShack tells you how to do it. #BIMandments 

VI. John Schippers @john_schippers

Turn off Press & Drag, especially if you’re a beginner #BIMandments 

VII. Adam Ward @Revitspace

Enter my central file and my fist will enter your face #BIMandments 

VIII. Steve Deadman @SteveDeadman

manage your worksets properly #BIMandments 

IX. Benjamin Malone @BenjaminPMalone

Draw reference lines from left to right to ensure your plane is “positive” on the left or upper side of the line. #BIMandments

X. seandburke @seandburke

#WeAllNeed to stop worrying and love the #BIM. Your New Year’s resolution is to go in a #lowCADdiet! No.2, read the #Revit #BIMandments 

So! There’s my top 10… There were plenty of other helpful and also humorous tweets, so remember to visit twitter on the link below and check the latest status of the trend! The list is growing and growing every day! Hope everyone has a great weekend, and remember.. Thou Shalt Obey!!Image

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