The national BIM library

The NBS are at in again, in collaboration with BIM academy in compiling the first open BIM library. This library will be launched in March 2012 and will be open, online for anyone to use for free. This has been a huge project in development, and the teams have been working hard with it over the past 6 months, in various forms, to get the library up to scratch and to get the right legislation sorted for the standards used. 

In short, the National BIM library will be a library of building objects, for example: walls, floors, ceilings, foundations etc. They will have a large list of objects which will be in an IFC format (Industry Foundation Classes). The main difference with the IFC file format is that it is an “open-BIM” format, which means it is not locked to any particular software vendor, and should be compatible with any of the “BIM software packages” available. The IFC format is in the process of an official international standard – ISO/IS 16739. BuildingSMART / IFC and the national BIM library should be thanked for helping push forward the interoperability and collaborative means of BIM. 

“The National BIM Library, from NBS, is a platform-neutral free to use library of high quality generic and proprietary BIM objects, designed for use in the UK. The library will be revealed on the joint RIBA / NBS stand at Ecobuild (Stands S1630 and S1640) with the first batch of generic BIM objects in IFC, plus native formats from some of the leading CAD software vendors.

The library will build up to become the leading source of free-to-use BIM objects, and over time will also incorporate proprietary manufacturer objects.”

I am looking forward to the release of the library and again would like to thank all of those who are working hard on the project to make it a success. The National BIM Library will be launched at Ecobuild, 20-22 March 2012, they urge you to come by their stall and say hello! More information can be found on the links below:

Construction Code blog – Behind the scenes
The NBS – National BIM library
buildingSMART – IFC format  


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