The BIMandments Update

I made a blog post a couple of months back about My top 10 BIMandments and as expected, the hash tag has continued to grow in popularity and developed! I therefore thought it would be suitable to make an updated version of the BIMandments, v2! I am going to pick another 10 of my favourites which have been tweeted recently. Since my last blog post, someone has registered the address where there is a live stream of the twitter hash tag feed, so make sure to check it out to stay in touch with the latest tricks and advice from the growing BIM community on Twitter!


I. Gary Barley ‏ @Barleyboy

Thou shalt be willing to share thy model with the project team.#bimandments  

II. Jay B Zallan ‏ @JayZallan

Prefix your Calc’d Values w/ “round” “roundup” or “rounddown” to round them as such #BIMandments  

III. Kirklyn Cox ‏ @kirklyncox

Creating schedules in #Revit should not be the last thing to do when documenting your project #bimandments 

 IV. Munkholm @RevitForum

Never use Levels for things that are not really Levels #BIMandments 

VI. Clay Starr ‏ @claystarr

Set a ‘default view template’ for every view. #Bimandments 

 VII. Don Rudder ‏ @AYBABTM

Never ever for any reason create a workset for Demo #BIMandments  

VIII. Luke Johnson ‏ @lukeyjohnson

RT @DBCdoug “Don’t forget to Pin items that you don’t want to move in #Revit#Autodesk” #BIMandments 

IX. Jay B Zallan ‏ @JayZallan

@jvandezande There’s “No Such Thing as an “LOD Model”…LOD is based on assemblies…NOT entire models” #BIMandments 

X. Gary Barley ‏ @Barleyboy

It maybe quicker to render on your workstation rather than via#Autodesk Cloud when the US is awake! #bimandments 


So, there’s my 2nd list of top 10 BIMandments! We now have a top 20! Make sure to check out the Twitter account @BIMandments and keep your eye on the hash tag to keep up to date with all the latest tips and tricks! Keep tweeting your own BIMandments and who knows, you might be lucky enough to make the next list! ;) As you can see from the list above there are a few doubles appearing! Let’s bring this back to life and post some new ideas, so hopefully next time there will be a few new faces on the list!

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