The 4 Levels of BIM

Firstly I’d like to let you know about the upcoming blog posts which I will be writing next week. I will be writing a review of the BIMSpectrum event which took place this week, I will discuss my favourite presentations and my general thoughts on the event. I will also be posting a blog about ImaginIt’s Clarity for Revit server. I have also discovered some great BIM projects over the last few weeks which I am planning to discuss on this blog. 

After hearing a lot about the different levels of BIM recently, with some even claiming to be working in the 5th level of BIM! I have found a level system written by DPR review which I have posted below. If you have a different view, I’d like to know your opinions as I’m not totally sure myself, get in touch!

“Level 1: A tool primarily used to communicate design intent and help owners evaluate alternative designs at the beginning of a project and visualize an end product.

Level 2: Models created by design teams that include mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) systems at a higher level done during the coordination phase to reduce requests for information (RFIs) and changes in the field during construction, as well as site logistics.

Level 3: Includes detailed models created by MEP subcontractors that are merged with the designers’ models to produce fabrication-level MEP models. Level of detail also allows for very detailed 4D sequencing of the building process, 3D as-built models, and the ability to pull accurate quantity trends directly from the models.

Level 4: Integrates substantially more stakeholders into the process from the early design stage to provide input and review, test the constructibility, and determine the best materials and methods for design and construction, in accordance with the project’s budget, schedule and quality. Level 4 BIM results in the creation of a model that incorporates such fine details as seismic and gravity hangers, metal framing systems, and detailed models of components like rebar. These models can be used to produce permit documents and shop drawings, pull material quantities, produce accurate model-based estimates, perform cross-trade prefabrication, and produce actual installation drawings.” 

DPR Review – The Four Levels of BIM 

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  1. AshleyHem says :

    Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you writing this article and the rest of the website is really good!

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