Revit worksharing / division protocols

I have been looking through the AEC(UK) BIM protocols over the weekend – especially at the Revit protocol. The protocols outline some good practices and rules for working in your Revit project. You should download the AEC(UK) BIM Protocols HERE if you haven’t already done so. 

Below is an extract from the documents about division or worksharing in Revit. It outlines how you should work with a central file and how to set out your worksets etc (as general rules.) I found it a useful read, so wanted to share it with anyone who hasn’t had time to look through the full AEC (UK) protocols as of yet. 

uploaded image

Again, I’d like to say thanks to the AEC (UK) committee for taking the time to make these documents – Visit their website here and download the BIM Protocols v2 today!

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