Revit User Groups

Throughout the world, Revit users and Revit professionals are coming together in groups to discuss and share their knowledge with others. These meetings are known as ‘Revit User Groups.’ The meetings are intended for anyone who wants to learn more about advanced skills and functions in Revit. No entrance fee is required as these are simply a way for professionals to openly share tips with each other.

Over the last year or so, we have seen many different user groups popping up all over the UK alone, allowing users from all over the country to meet and share information locally, athough it seems people are travelling all over to attend these meetings. (I’m not sure if it’s the free beer an pizza or the invaluable Revit knowledge which keeps bringing people back!) 

@clarkrob @stewartgh1970 free pizza you say?

— Jay Beckham (@J77Beckham) November 8, 2012

As well as sharing information in these meetings, a lot of the RUGs (Revit User Groups) also have websites where presentations and handouts are uploaded for anyone who wasn’t able to attend. Seeing as these are mainly small privately held events, places can be limited, so this is a good way of making sure that the information is available to everyone.

I have decided to make a list of all the Revit User Groups that I am aware of, along with a link to their website:

UK Revit User Groups

LRUG – London Revit User Group – 
– Bristol Revit User Group – LinkedIn group page 
RMUG – Revit Midlands User Group – 
MRUG – Manchester Revit User Group – 
– Revit User Group Leeds – LinkedIn group page 
– North East Revit User Group – 
– Glasgow Revit User Group – 
 – Edinburgh Revit User Group – LinkedIn group page 

Worldwide Revit User Groups

LARUG – Los Angeles Revit User Group –
NYC-RUG – New York City Revit User Group – MeetUp page
– Washington DC Revit User Group –
– Revit Auckland User Group – MeetUp page
BostonRUG – Boston Revit User Group – MeetUp page
CRUG – Charlotte Revit User Group – 
RUGON – Revit User Group of Nebraska – AUGI contact page
– Denver Revit User Group –
 – Seattle Revit User Group –
 – St. Louis Revit User Group –
Portland Revit User Group – AUGI Contact page

RUGS – Revit User Group Sydney –
 – Revit User Group South Australia –
 – Revit User Group Victoria –

RevitGG – 
Dutch Revit User Group –

So there is a list of all the Revit User Groups which I have heard of / can currently think of. If you have any more to add to the list, write me a message on Twitter or just reply in the comments field below.

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