Rapid Energy Modeling

I found this series of interesting tutorials on YouTube posted by Simon Gillis from Autodesk on the Sustainable Toolbox YouTube channel. The videos focus on using 123D Catch to capture an existing building and create a mass out of the scan. Following on from this, it will then be possible to peform energy analysis on the mass to provide a good estimate of current energy conditions of the building. As well as the possibility to simulate future changes.


See how Autodesk tools such as 123D Catch and Revit/Vasari can be used to rapidly capture, model and analyse existing buildings in a process known as Rapid Energy Modelling:

The video has been split up in 12 parts, I have made a playlist of the videos to make it easier for you guys to view. Just head over to my YouTube channel or follow this link for direct access to the REM playlist. Many thanks to Autodesk and Sustainable Toolbox for explaining this process in great detail. Hope all my followers have a great weekend!

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