Playing around in Revit

Hey guys! So, I have been playing around in Revit over the last few days, making a design for a friend who wanted a 3D commemorative plaque with the Manchester United logo on it. Now I am fully aware this is not what Revit was designed to do and I’m sure there are other programs which could do the job more efficiently, but as I love doing basically everything in Revit, I thought I’d give it a go and see how the results turned out!


The photo to the right is the basic badge which needs to be added to a wooden plaque and a metal tag added to it. I plan to design all of these elements as families, and render the model in Revit/3Ds Max. I will post the final results here and a small step by step guide to what I did and how I did it. This brings up the question I often find myself asking, is there anything Revit can’t do?! I found this experiment pretty fun, and the fact I love Manchester United and Revit made it a perfect match!

More coming soon!

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About Ben Malone

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