New stair families in Revit 2013

This blog has been translated into English from a French post on the Revitez blog I saw a translation request from Lukey Johnson on Linkedin. Although I’ve forgotten most of the French I once learnt many years ago in school, with a little help from Google translate it goes something like this (I hope!):

In Revit 2012 we only had 1 stair system family that we could use, with all the parameters loaded into a single system:

uploaded image

With the new method of creating stairs in Revit 2013 we now have 11 family systems:

uploaded image

All of these new systems are connected together via different relationships to make a staircase. The diagram below, which I have translated from the original shows the relationships between these systems. (Click on the image to see a full preview.)

uploaded image

For example, the family “One Peice Stair” or One Peice Run is used in the following systems: Assembled staircase, Cast In-Situ Staircase and Prefabricated Staircase. Which can only be modeled via the “Stair by component” tool. But a variety of “One Peice Stairs/Runs” may be shared between several different versions of these families. This item is an extract from the course material: Mastering Revit stairs. Being prepard and coming soon.

You can view the original un-translated version of this entry on the Revitez blog here.

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