Navisworks with Revit

I found this video a few weeks ago which showed one of the new features in the 2013 release of Autodesk Navisworks. This Autodesk Navisworks Learning video shows you how you can work with Revit models in Navisworks. You’ll learn how to open Revit files in Navisworks, see how the Revit properties are imported with the model, and learn how to improve your workflows with the switchback functionality. This is one of the features in the 2013 which further aids the collaboration process between parties using different software packages.

I will now post a few tutorial videos which highlight some of the key features of the software to those who do not use Navisworks. Clash detection is one of the key aspects of Navisworks that has seperated it from other packages in the past. This Autodesk Navisworks Learning video shows you how to navigate and understand Clash Detective. Clash Detective enables you to identify clashes between objects in your model, so that you can resolve problems at the design stage. Clash detection has been used on many large BIM projects, significant savings made through spotting and solving clashes before they are built.

Another excellent feature of Navisworks is the TimeLiner. TimeLiner allows you to attach an external schedule to your project, and then link them to model items giving accurates schedules and time lines. This Autodesk Navisworks Learning video shows you around TimeLiner. TimeLiner enables you to connect a Navisworks model to an external project schedule, then attach scheduled tasks to model items and create a simulation to virtually construct your project. This tool, once set up will allow you to see a 3D virtual construction of your building as it would be built on site.

This Autodesk Navisworks Learning video shows you how to inspect selected items. You can inspect a selection from the Selection Tree or Scene View. Alternatively, choose a Selection Set or a Search Set. You can then zoom the selection to display it within the model, or modify it by deselecting objects and adding property definitions.

More information about Autodesk Navisworks can be found here.

Visit the Autodesk YouTube channel for more videos.

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