My top 3 AU 2011 classes

45 Revit tips in 45 minutes

This class will be a fun and upbeat binge of random Revit platform tips. Everyone loves to learn something new, regardless of how small that something is, and even the most veteran of Revit users never stop learning. The tips covered will range from very small and simple to some that will require a bit more explanation. While this is primarily a Revit platform class, I will also try to put a couple of Revit Architecture, Structure, and MEP tips into the mix.

Key Learning

  • List at least 5 things you previously didn’t know
  • Improve your workflow
  • Show off to your work colleagues by showing them something they didn’t know

Revit rendering tips

This class will cover a multitude of topics related to creating renderings in Revit. Class highlights include using Design Options to manage “props” for rendering, using a future phase to quickly create a “chip board” type rendering, and employing transfer project standards to load different color schemes for materials. The class also covers how to use Remote Desktop to utilize idle computers when producing multiple still images, how to use Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) photometric files to get more realistic results.

Key Learning

  • Create a custom material library
  • Use the Section Box to create interesting renderings of building sections in perspective
  • Set the project location and true north to get accurate daylight

Creating parametric components in Revit

The key to mastering Autodesk® Revit® Architecture, Revit MEP, or Revit Structure is the ability to create intelligent, parametric families for your content libraries. It is not as easy as simply building a 3D model. This class will show you how to use the modeling tools in the Revit Family Editor, as well as the process of creating intelligent parameters to properly control their dimensions, behavior, and visibility. Additionally, you will learn how to make sure that your families “play nice” with other elements in your model.

Key Learning

  • Work with nested families
  • Select the correct family template for appropriate component behavior and categorization
  • Work with parameters to control model geometry 

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About Ben Malone

Information Manager for BIM.Technologies in London

2 responses to “My top 3 AU 2011 classes”

  1. Chad says :

    Awww, thanks. Just stumbled on your blog.
    I’m glad you found my 45 Revit Tips virtual a valuable session to watch.

    I decided to keep things up, so you can find more over here:

    • bimopedia says :

      Hey Chad! Thanks for reading the blog and no problem at all. Been a while since I watched it but I remember getting a lot of great tips and inspiration from it a couple of years back. Hope to catch up on one of your AU2013 presentations later this year?


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