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I am excited to report the release date of the eagerly awaited M-SIX VEO software has been announced. Over the last year there have been a lot of promises about what VEO is going to offer and how it is going to be a game changer in the AEC industry. With this recent news, we are not so far away from finding out if these promises will come to fruition.

Other big and very interesting news in this story, is the announcement that M-Six have secured some seriously valuable partnerships from the big players in the industry: Autodesk, Graphisoft and Vectorworks to name a few! Could this be the first truly open BIM platform?

Read the official announcement from M-SIX HERE 

Exactly what the results of all this will offer are still unknown to the vast majority of us, aside from a few teaser videos not too much is known. A small team have been ‘secretly’ working on the project over the past 6 years with vigurous testing over the past year at least. With the news that VEO have partnered up with Autodesk etc. You can be sure the product they have designed is going to be an exciting and important part of the AEC professionals toolbox. 

My very first blog on this website was the announcement of the VEO platform by M-SIX, so I am verey much looking forward to seeing what the final outcome will be! Eagerly awaiting more news…. 

 EDIT: More unoffical news here via 

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