Manchester United in Revit


Away from BIM, one of my other loves, Manchester United FC have had a tough couple of weeks towards the end of the season. As a good luck booster, I decided to put a little bit of time into making the logo below. I first got around to working on this as a favour for a friend, and decided to post it again here, with some sort of delusioned hope that it will send some extra good luck for the remaining 2 games of the season. Sad, I know! :) Well, here’s to hoping! 

I created the logo as a generic Revit family and hosted the family onto a basic wall with a custom profile. This was only a project that I worked on and created for fun and I’m fully aware of all it’s flaws, which I at least, feel are disguised by the sentiment! If anyone wants a copy of the file, post a comment here with your address and I will get it sent over.

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About Ben Malone

Information Manager for BIM.Technologies in London

One response to “Manchester United in Revit”

  1. Mohammad Saeed says :

    can you send me the revit file on
    and if you have any revit file regarding ManUTD please send it to me as well


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