Kiwi Codes Revit project browser 2013 released

Kiwi codes solutions Revit project 2013 browser which I posted a blog about last month has finally been released. Kiwi codes solutions have offered a 21 day free trial for anyone who is interested in trying out the software with an additional discount of $5 dollars for anyone who purchases before the 5th of May. View the video to the right to see a demonstration of the project browser in action!

Some of the features include:

  • Tabs that separate common view types which minimizes the amount of scrolling through Project Browser especially on large projects.
  • Totally customizable fonts, sizes and colors.
  • Easily add custom folders. Drag and Drop views into these custom folders.
There are also many more features in the project browser, which you can review on the Kiwi codes blog post here. Another application from Kiwi codes is the Revit 2013 family browser which is fully compatible and integrated in the new project browser. Image

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