Kiwi Codes Project Browser for Autodesk Revit 2013

Kiwi Codes Solutions are a small company based in New Zealand providing custom API programs for Autodesk Revit products. Some of their previous releases include Revit Family browser, NZS 3604 Calculator and the Bracing calculator. The new project browser is an alternative solution for your standard Revit project browser. Image

Some of the features include:

  1. Tabs that separate common view types which minimizes the amount of scrolling through Project Browser especially on large projects
  2. Totally customizable fonts, sizes and colors.
  3. Easily add custom folders.  Drag and Drop views into these custom folders. 
  4. Custom folders available for all view types including schedules, legends etc.
  5. Quick Filters to filter the Project Browser by common view parameters, phases and view templates.
  6. Family Browser built into Project Browser.
  7. Powerful search feature to find any View/Family in Project/Family in Library quickly
  8. Query Builder to build custom tabs and quick filters for reuse.  These can be shared between other members of the project team.
This add-on is due to be released later this month (April 2012). Keep up to date with the latest info from Kiwi code solutions new products here you can also visit their YouTube channel here.

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