Happy New Year & Boost your BIM

If you’ve been following Harry’s blog over at Boost Your BIM – You will be sure to have noticed some of the useful time saving tips he has been posting using Macros and the Revit API. You may have also been wondering how you implement these sections of code in to your project so that you are able to use the code for something useful.

Harry has just written a blog explaining how you can use his code in your Revit projects. Check out the “How to Use These Macros – A Basic Overview to the Revit API” If you follow through this post you will have the knowledge to take full advantage of all the work he has been sharing. 

I have tried out some of the code which has been shared on Boost Your BIM over the last couple of months and find some of the tips have helped out in every day Revit usage to increase efficiency and productivity. One thing which I learnt from this post is “that Macros can either be stored in the project (with the source code saved in the RVT file) or on your hard drive so that they are accessible for any RVT on your computer (these are called application macros). On this blog I am creating application macros. To do this, select the “Application” tab.” 

Here are a few of my favourite posts from the Boost Your BIM site – check some of them out and using the method explained above, add them to your Revit application editor. Using 3D Section Box to set Plan View’s View RangeDivide Parts at LevelsCreating a Void to Cut Family Geometry.

As you use and implement these macros into your Revit projects you will also gain a basic understanding of the Revit API as well as picking up some of the basic functions of the code language you are using, in this case C#. If you are interested in learning more about code for Revit and the API, you may also want to check out a new book which has just been released by Don Rudder called ‘Customising Autodesk Revit 2013 with .NET How-to

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