February webinars extended.

Continuing on from the blog post yesterday, there are 2 other BIM related webinars / events in February that I forgot to mention. On the 3rd February 2012 at 13:00 EST. Alan Jackson from CASE Design will be holding an EnergyPlus webinar which will go through the basics of the NREL web-based model creation tool. Although I have not played around with EnergyPlus yet, I am very interested to hear about this software and look forward to learning something new for the tool kit. 


“Starting with a brief introduction to the EnergyPlus engine, the webinar will include a 5-minute model creation walk-through with the NREL web-based file creation tool ModelMaker and a discussion on how to begin using EnergyPlus for building performance analysis using the OpenStudio platform tools including the SketchUp plug-in, System Outliner and Results Viewer. If time permits, Alan will also address the Building Component Library as a tool for managing and finding new components for integration into your analysis.”

Secondly there is a Twitter chat on the 1st February at 13:30 – 14:30 ET. Hosted by The AIA (American Institute of Architects). AIA Chat is an ongoing, open dialogue among architects and other design professionals which takes place on the social networking site Twitter. Taking place monthly on the first Wednesdays, AIA National moderates the chat with occasional guest facilitators. The chats focus on a variety of architecture practice related topics (e.g., green design, mentorship, education, economy, etc.). To take part in the chats, participants follow the hashtag #aiachat.

To find out more information about both of these events click on the links below:

CASE Design – EnergyPlus webinar

AIA – BIM Twitter chat    

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