Conceptual massing and energy modeling now avail on iPad

Autodesk have jumped the gun in the conceptual modeling mobile device ‘race’, with the release of Autodesk FormIt. FormIt seems, at first glance like a cut down version of Vasari, where you are able to model basic geometry, set a location and run basic conceptual energy analysis on your mass directly from your iPad. The fun in this is that you get to feel like your actually modeling it with your hands rather than a mouse.

“Introducing Autodesk FormIt. the 1st Architectural Form Modeler for the iPad. FormIt is an intuitive, easy to use mass modeling application helping designers make informed decisions while accessing site & climate data. The building and site aware app allows designers to sketch proposed design options that can be compared with program requirements and then shared with the project team for continued collaboration through Autodesk® 360. – Available now on the Apple App Store”

This is quite a step up from the current modeling tools which are available on mobile devices. Although I can’t see people designing buildings and whole projects with this tool, it could certainly come in useful on site, and to test how specific geometry would perform in a specific location in relation to wind and solar analysis. I have not seen the app available on the App Store but I will post a link here as soon as it’s available.

Update: Autodesk FormIt – By Autodesk Inc. App store link

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