Build Qatar Live 2012

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A global 48 hour virtual BIM competition is kicking off later today, in the form of Build Qatar Live 2012, the first time the event has moved out of London (2008, 2009, 2012). An event held
Imageearlier this year, Build  London Live 2012 was a great success with many of the same teams entering again for a second time round. The competition is open for anyone and everyone who has the time and skills to take part! The main sponsor is Nemetschek Vectorworks.

If you do not have the time to enter you may also enter as an observer, like I have. Registration for competitors and observers here. You will need to download a free copy of Asite’s cBIM model viewing tool to take part. Special thanks to Asite for organising the event.

The competition is split up in to 12 teams, many teams are formed from a single AEC company, whereas others a combination of individuals and a variety of different companies forming one big coordinated team.

The basic principle of the competition is to create a interoperable BIM whilst cooperating with others from around the world. This year, the project is to design a man made island in Dohas prestigious West Bay District. This island will have to be built up with all the  neccesary infastructure including roads back to the mainland. To read the full brief, click here

The competition is broken down into 4 main awards: The openBIM BUILD QATAR LIVE 2012 Award, Best use of BIM for Design, Drama and Excitement, Best Multi-disciplinary BIM  & use of Interoperability and Best use of BIM for sustainability or constructability. To see last years winners including a video of the awards ceremony, click here

I am looking forward to a great competition and seeing a lot of fantastic ideas and projects being developed. If you are not taking part, sign up for a observer as I have. Thanks to all the sponsors and organisers for putting on a great event.


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