BoostYourBIM – Making the Revit API Accessible for All

Have you ever tried to write Revit API code? Have you heard about the API and wonder how it could help you? Want to learn more? If so, visit the new blog BoostYourBIM by Harry Mattison where you are welcome to learn and ask questions about the greatness of the Revit API.

Harry joined Revit Technology Corp in 1998 and spent his last few years at Autodesk as a software developer on the Revit API team. Now Harry has set out on this own and would like to help more people appreciate and benefit from the Revit API.

Learning the Revit API can be a daunting task, but BoostYourBIM breaks it down into manageable, bit-sized pieces and shares lots of C# code that you can copy, adapt, and re-use. So please visit, read some posts, and submit some comments about what intrigues you about the Revit API.


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