BIM Diary updates

Just a quick blog post to give some information about the recent updates to BIM Diary. First of all, the reason that I have made the calendar, is for the community. With so many events and webinars happening every week I felt it was essential to create a calendar which can give BIM’ers around the world the chance to have an overview about what is currently going on. 

I feel it is important that the calendar has been made by an individual / community, rather than a company whos main interests usually lie within their own products rather than serving the BIM community as a whole with an unbiased, and hopefully comprehensive guide of all BIM related events.

BIM Diary updates:

  • BIM Diary has now moved to
  • Online events are displayed in UK time (GMT)
  • Events can now be filtered by location: UK, USA, Asia, Oceania and Europe
  • Colours used to differentiate online and offline events

More to come over the next month, please continue to support and notify me of new events if you would like them added to the list. 

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About Ben Malone

Information Manager for BIM.Technologies in London

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