Autodesk Labs: Revit add-ins

Autodesk Labs have released a Plug in of the month section of their website with “Past, Present and future” applications added as created. There are three main sections of plugins: Autodesk inventor, Revit and 3Ds Max. I have tried out all of the Revit plugins and am also interested in the others which I have not had time to get round to testing yet.uploaded image

The plugins which have been most useful to me have been The Wall Opening Area for Revit This plugin calculates the sum of openings on each wall and stores the values in two shared parameters for each wall. This is a useful tool as it gives you insight into the conditions of openings, as well as materials used and area details. It can come in particularly useful on large projects with multiple wall openings.

The Room/DoorRenumbering for Revit plugin can be used to renumber or re-assign the “Number” properties of rooms and spaces or the “Mark” property of doors and windows in the order that the user selects while avoiding duplicated assignments. The command allows the user to specify the starting number with the option of the prefix and suffix added.

Another plugin which was useful is the File Upgrader for Revit. As you’ve probably noticed when opening files you created in earlier versions of Revit, a short upgrade procedure takes place. This tool is a batch file upgrader which saves time when opening old files. This is particularly useful if you have a large collection of Revit families.

There are also many other useful tools and plugins listed, so if you are interested and actively using Revit or one of the above mentioned software packages, it is well worth checking out this list Autodesk Labs ADN Plugins of the month catalogue. Thanks to Scott Shepard who runs the Alive in the lab blog who posted the original source of the catalogues.

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4 responses to “Autodesk Labs: Revit add-ins”

  1. Scott Sheppard says :

    Thanks for helping to spread the word about the plug-ins.

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