Autodesk BIM curriculum for students

Today I am just posting a short blog post about Autodesk’s BIM curriculum, which contains some useful videos and tutorials I found a while back on Autodesk’s website. I have worked through the curriculum and found many elements of it to be extremely useful. For newly graduated students, and anyone who is new to the process of BIM, I would highly reccomend this ‘BIM curriculum’ as a good starting point to bring you up to date with what you need to know. 

The curriculum starts with the very basics of 3D modeling in Revit, up to 4D simulation in Navisworks as seen in the video above. Aside from this, you will gain a good understanding of how worksets and phases work in Revit Architecture, as well as the basics of work sharing. All of these elements are essential tools in a working environment, and may be elements which students did not have the oppurtunity to learn in their universities.  

Not only are there video tutorials to follow, but also exercises to complete for students as well as an assesment system. In some of the topics, powerpoint presentations are also attached to help give a better understanding. I would reccomend this to anyone who wants to know the basics of BIM, or even to teachers and educators looking for some teaching inspirations for their students! The whole course is free and available for anyone to use and learn from.

View the Autodesk BIM curriculum here

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