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BIM 360 is a new technology recently released from Autodesk, A seemingly useful tool for BIM managers for overall project review and mark up. It is based on the Autodesk Vault technology, and is likely to be a key tool for future BIM projects.

Working along side existing technologies such as Revit, BIM 360 allows users to merge and align models, review clashes, reviewing model and integrating with CMiC. If you are already creating projects in Autodesks – Revit, Navisworks or AutoCAD there is a simple add in which you can download that will then get added to the addins menu on your ribbon. Simply click on this button in the ribbon to begin reviewing the project in Autodesk 360.

Autodesk®BIM 360 is Autodesk’s vision for collaboration and data management in AEC, which is exactly the new approach described above: provide AEC project teams with a complete,accurate, digital view of their project, with access to information across the project lifecycle.

For more information on Autodesks BIM 360 software click here to see the BIM 360 Autodesk Whitepaper

View more videos about Autodesk BIM 360 here YouTube playlist BIM 360.

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