Autodesk 2013 products released!

The time has finally come! The Autodesk 2013 products were released on 27th March 2012. The AEC industry has been eagerly awaiting the news of new features and programs almost since the release of the 2012 products, and this year, it certainly sounds like Autodesk have exceeded themselves. As the NDA was lifted yesterday, a lot of the folks working over at Autodesk have been going blog mad about the new features, which I love

ImageI just wanted to post a quick round up of the best features, and point anyone who is unaware in the right direction of some solid official information from Autodesk! The “place to go” for all the latest news and features is David Light’s blog: Everything Autodesk Revit & BIM.

The biggest and most important change in my opinion is that Autodesk have decided to incorporate Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP into one stand alone package. This package will just be known as Revit 2013 (OneBox). This is very exciting news, not only does it promote collaboration but also allows users to learn more about each specific package, rather than being locked in their package and not understand how the others work. Here is a snippet from DLs blog:

“Revit 2013 will come in its now well established traditional flavours of Architecture, Structure & MEP. But it will also come as a complete AEC solution, code named “OneBox” during development, this will be all three disciplines installed as one. The official name will just be Revit 2013. In Revit 2013 you have access to all of the platform tools and if you need to, you can customize the ribbon interface to turn off the discipline tools you don’t require. This can be done via the options dialogue box under User Interface.”

Main changes in “Revit Architecture 2013” are as follows. Each of the features listed below have been significantly improved:

  • View & view templates
  • DGN v8 import & export
  • DWF & DWG tweaks
  • IFC
  • Materials
  • Further Construction modelling enhancements
  • Worksharing
  • General usability improvements
  • Massing – repeating & dividing
  • Visualisation & Graphics
  • Stairs & railings
There is a detailed explanation of each of the new updates to the above features on Davids blog. He has spent a lot of time writing up this information in as much detail as possible to help people like me and you be the first to hear about the new changes so give his site and visit and make sure to leave some feedback to show your appreciation.  
I am very excited to begin working in the new Revit 2013 softwre. I am currently downloading my copy and will be posting some screenshots of new layouts or new features to my blog as soon as possible. Other programs such as Autodesk 3Ds Max and Navisworks have contrinued to develop and become more interoperable with other  software solutions such as Revit. I will be posting more about specific changes over the coming weeks once I have had the chance to explore them all further. Massive thanks to Autodesk for more amazing products and David Light for all the info to keep us going before we try them out ourselves!

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