Asite and Tech Soft 3D join forces

Asite have joined forces with Tech Soft 3D to enhance their current cBIM platform with the addition of the HOOPS software development toolkitsinto a visual 3D coordination tool with IFC visualisation. In short this means that the current real-time open sharing and model management platform will be transformed and upgraded into a real time model sharing platform with instant IFC visualisation. – A very powerful tool for collaboration. 

“cBIM centralizes information, knowledge and design in a collaborative online environment, allowing all stakeholders in a project to coordinate design in real-time from anywhere in the world. HOOPS Exchange enables cBIM to quickly and accurately visualize the popular IFC file format, creating a shared Building Information Model to coordinate design components before construction is even started. The Large Model Visualization (LMV) capability of HOOPS Visualize works within Asite to allow real-time 3D viewing of extremely large datasets. cBIM users are thus able to visualize their design within the context of the overall model, reducing the risk of onsite problems.”

Tony Ryan, Asite CEO – “Tech Soft 3D was able to work with our software-as-a-service model to help us provide an immersive 3D experience to our cBIM users. HOOPS Visualize and HOOPS Exchange had the functionality and reliability we needed to ensure the highest level of performance within cBIM.”

Tech Soft 3D’s Gavin Bridgeman – “We’re happy our technology is being used in an efficient, customer-centric way that emphasizes collaboration in engineering,” 

Read the official press release from Asite here 

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